Important points to remember about Photoshop Styles

  • Since Photoshop CS6, even a Layer Group (folder) can have its own Style, not just the layers. Older versions do not support this.
  • Each user created Layer Style can be saved as a preset. These appear in the Styles panel and are not saved with the PSD document. However, they can be exported an .ASL file.
  • When user selects a Layer Group in the Layers panel and clicks a style in the Styles palen, Photoshop applies the style separately to every single layer in the group, not to the group itself (in CS5 and below, it wouldn’t be possible).
  • I can’t tell if applying a style to every layer in a group, vs, applying it to the whole group, is supposed to produce the same result or not. In a test I tried it looked exactly the same, while in a more complex project I’ve been working on it shows all kinds of quirks and little differences, even when I did my very best to minimize all external factors…

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